Teachers Are The Unsung


Did you know that the global teaching community, comprising nearly 63 million primary and secondary teachers, is ensuring that learning continues for nearly 1.5 billion students, affected by school closures in 165 countries due to COVID-19? Mind-boggling isn’t it? Teachers today are playing a key role in ensuring that children are seamlessly continuing their education. Here are five reasons why we believe they are our unsung heroes:

  • Forgoing comfort zones

    to embrace virtual learning

    While online teaching was on an uptick, the total transition to e-learning has been unprecedented. However, in the interest of students in confinement, teachers have been mobilising and innovating to facilitate quality distance-learning. This includes the swift adoption of new teaching techniques by learning how to conduct effective online classes. Courses such as ‘Digital Mastery’ which are focused on integrating learning with the online environment, are aiding teachers to keep the doors of learning open, despite the lockdown.

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  • Taking responsibility

    to use available resources

    A robust broadband connection, stationery and basic reading material: distance teaching takes this and more. However, procuring anything is impossible in the scenario of a lockdown. Teachers have taken it upon themselves to discover technology and come up with alternative mediums to impart learning. They help students make the best of what they have at home and can reach out to them through online mediums. Teachers are going above and beyond to make sure that the school year of their students is well-utilised from home.

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  • Going an extra mile

    to engage children throughout sessions

    The attention span of children is limited. To top that, in the absence of a physical classroom, it becomes increasingly challenging for teachers to keep their students focussed and engaged. So teachers across the globe are also investing their energies in devising engaging quizzes, video lectures, assignments and more to make e-learning interesting. Here’s what is fetching them most success:

    • Keeping it simple, and building in as much contact as possible
    • Using user-friendly e-platforms and helping students get comfortable
    • Prioritising longer, student-driven assignments
    • Creating touchpoints via emails, videos, calls, messages, etc.
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  • Showing the way

    to parents as co-teachers

    The current unprecedented situation has put everyone under stress, and teachers are no exception. Teachers everywhere are putting up a brave front and supporting children with the power of education. In an attempt to cushion the severe disruption felt by many families due to the pandemic, teachers are advising parents on homeschooling and counselling children devoid of a normal social life and learning. In addition to this, they are also playing a vital role in communicating measures that prevent the spread of the virus, to every household they touch.

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  • Inculcating life’s lessons in

    students as never-again opportunity

    ‘Tough time’ is a good teacher. Our educators are mastering life’s lessons themselves and leading by example. They are imparting the most valuable teachings of these times - determination, courage, faith. Despite how tough the going gets, they’re helping children maintain their sprits, decorum and discipline. Through online classes, activities and engagement, teachers are once again, showing us all how to ‘never say die’.

    Rising to the occasion, teachers, across the globe, have assumed a position of a guiding force. Tackling challenges step by step, keeping students updated, positive and helping homes become centres of learning, here’s a salute to these brave hearts we have always called our ‘gurus’.

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  • Neha Singh | Mumbai

    With your guidance, our daughter has developed into a confident and capable child. Thank you for being such an important part in our child’s development.

  • Leena |Chennai

    Yes,Hats off to the teachers who are making sincere efforts in understanding and preparing themselves to the usage of current technology platforms to reach their students. Thank you for your sincere effort in doing so.

  • Sowmya |Vijayawada

    Teachers will play an important role in every one‘s life. And everyone has one favourite teacher who changes their life.

  • Smitha Mahendra |Bangalore

    Teachers are an important part of every child‘s life.. thanks for always being there for our kids making school second home for our kids

  • Meena thawani |Jodhpur

    The teachers r continually inspires our child to do their best for me the teacher of my baby is the second mother of him because she teaches him so well and understand him

  • Sunita Singh |Jodhpur

    The teachers have inspired and played a leading role in development of our child.Thank you for encouragement and inspiration!

  • Saranya |Chennai

    I’m deeply grateful to have someone like you contributing to my child’s growth and emotional well-being. Thank you again for making me feel comfortable being away from my child while at work and for caring for her beyond my expectations while I’m away. Thank u so much Meena ma‘am,Mala Ma‘am, Sathya ma‘am and special mention to all the teachers at euro kids ashok nagar

  • Avni Dikholkar |Pune

    It‘s good and safety for children, as well as parents..

  • Vyas sneha |Veraval

    Very nice