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How to maximise technology for your child's education

Technology is now an integral part of education, right from the primary level to graduation and postgraduation phases. With schools across the globe embracing digital education rapidly, it stands to reason that in the coming years, conventional education as Gen X and millennials knew it would completely be replaced by tech-based education that makes use of innovative and high-end technology. Given this scenario, parents can make things easier for their children by taking advantage of education technology to supplement their academic development.

If this prospect sounds appealing to you, here’s how you can do your bit to maximize technology for your child’s education in an effective and appropriate manner.

Embrace digital education

For most parents, the first instinct is to disapprove of any technological intervention in their child’s educational plan. Given how rapidly the current educational system is changing, this is quite understandable. However, to get past this roadblock, you need to find smart ways to tap into these tech solutions instead of banning the use of technology in education. Be a part of your child’s digital learning journey and guide them through the many ways in which technology can be an indispensable tool for learning new things. You could also encourage your child to have one smart device exclusively for educational purposes.

Make use of mobile technology

Mobile technology can open up newer avenues of learning, thanks to the numerous applications that have been developed to encourage students to learn advanced concepts without breaking into a sweat. Look up reviews from other users, talk to other parents, and ask for your child’s teacher’s opinion on what the best mobile learning apps for your little one are. By taking inputs from these trusted sources, you can ensure that you help your child tap into the many benefits of integrating mobile technology in education.

Promote the use of different tech platforms

Aside from mobile portals, there are a variety of platforms through which education technology can be accessed. And there’s no telling which combination of platforms your child’s current or future schools may decide to adopt. To give your children the best chance at succeeding in this era of digital education, it’s best to get them acquainted with the use of multiple tech platforms. Some common platforms they need to get savvy with include Widows, Mac, iOS, Android, and even Linux. The earlier you promote the use of various tech platforms, the better your child’s grasp of education technology shall be.

Tap into on-demand content

On-demand content, also now referred to as over-the-top (OTT) content, can be a great source of information. On-demand content providers like Netflix, Amazon Prime, and Hulu, among others, are often only thought of as platforms to watch movies and web series. However, many OTT content providers also have a treasure trove of informational and educational content such as documentaries and science programs. Leverage this kind of content to broaden your child’s knowledge of various subjects like history, computer science, biology, psychology, chemistry, and math, among others.

Use technology to make your kids ready for school

If your child’s school makes use of technology in education, you can help your kid prepare for this method of learning and instruction by making use of digital learning games at home. This way, you can make sure that your child has the skills required to keep up with the digital education system in place in their school. It also allows them to be more receptive to technological methods of instruction. To promote the use of technology in an effort to make your child ready for school, encourage them to play interactive games online and to watch videos to understand any concepts that may be hard for them to grasp.

Encourage screen time

Another key technique to maximize the use of education technology in your child’s education is to encourage screen time instead of curtailing it. Let your child explore the many kinds of resources available online and offline, so they can figure out what works best for them. Screen time can also be used to help your little one pursue their interests or passions. This helps them enjoy a well-rounded learning experience. For instance, if your child expresses an interest in painting, you could enroll them in an online course that helps them cultivate that passion. This technique also works for just about every other interest, like learning to play a musical instrument, discovering more about dinosaurs, or learning how to code.

Leverage social media

Social media is not entirely a bane, since it can help you stay connected with the newest technological developments in the education sector. There are several forums and social groups where you can interact with other parents to discover how to maximize the use of technology for your child’s education. You can also be a part of social groups that help you stay in touch with your child’s teachers and with other parents whose children study with your little one, so you can bounce off ideas on who to digitize education for your child. And lastly, you can also use social media to help your child get better at concepts that are difficult to understand.


In case you find yourself unsure of how to proceed with a particular kind of digital platform or product, you can always be open to learning from your child. By engaging them this way and elevating their role to that of a teacher, you send across the message that you’re open to the use of technology in education. This helps foster a bond of trust between you and your little one, so you can be an active part of their digital education.

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