As a new dawn in education unfolds, we’re confidently pushing ahead powered by technology and digitisation. Because when done the right way, digital learning has the potential to transform what we learn, how we learn, and how the lessons stay behind for a lifetime.

The principles of digital learning are simple - its potential is based on our inherent ability to derive meaning out of our experiences. This is especially true for young students, as they are still at an impressionable stage and still exploring the world. So as we leverage digital learning in greater ways, we make it more accessible. And tap into the possibilities of delivering learning simulations that bring ideas and concepts to life.

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Digitisation has brought the world closer by forging stronger connections between learners. Today, students of various ages, backgrounds and life experiences meet each other and interact more often. This opens up learning opportunities like never before.


ARGUS – our digital learning ecosystem personalises learning as per the pace and style of the child. This ensures a deeper understanding of subjects in a fun manner. ARGUS brings all the key stakeholders of the child’s education on the same platform – students, teachers, and parents. Advanced analytics allow parents and teachers to access students’ reports at every stage, identify areas of improvement and work towards achieving them.

Argus and You

Our students unlock a million possibilities when they study at home with our comprehensive and easy-to-understand app. It not only brings alive our LRPAX methodology but aligns with our personalised and adaptive learning technique.

Curious. Brilliant. Versatile.

Our learners are at the heart of everything we do at Lighthouse Learning, and yet none of it would be possible without the inspiration of our teaching fraternity. We exist for them, with them and through them.