A unique initiative for ensuring holistic wellbeing of our students by focusing on their physical and mental wellbeing. We are committed to identifying the changes in their behavioral patterns, recognize their mental state, and take corrective measures. Read More
With COVID-19 the world came to a standstill, but our teachers have tirelessly continued to deliver the joy of learning. They have gone beyond the call of duty to ensure uninterrupted learning by adapting to newer platforms. We salute their passion and contribution. Read More
A unique way in which we aim to enhance the mind, body and soul of our children and transform them into thinkers, learners and achievers. EUNOIA is crafted to nurture the mind of the child, keeping it healthy and well balanced. Read More
EuroSchool Students in association with Rotary Club of Bombay, raised Rs. 20 Lakhs for hygiene kits for underprivileged girls and women of Mumbai and surrounding districts, which  benefitted  around 8500 girls from the weaker section of the society & enabled sanitary care for them. Read More
It is a K12 initiative that brings together the educators of EuroSchool and Billabong High to envision the Schools of Tomorrow. Education in recent times has witnessed a paradigm shift due to the intervention of disruptive technologies and we aim to change that. Read More
Every educator in our expansive network is valuable to us, and adds their own special touch to our growth. This award will recognise educators who have been with us for over two years, who believe they have made a notable contribution and will nominate themselves. Read More
Child first, Safety first” is our motto. We are the first company to craft pre-school and school safety protocols in association with a leading international agency. We strongly believe that when our children feel safe that is when they can learn and grow emotionally, physically and socially. Read More

Our Teachers have contributed a lot in inculcating the right values, skills and new learnings in us ever since our childhood. These valuable lessons play a significant role in what we are today and in future.
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Colour, Colour Which Colour Do You See? Pink for Women & Blue for Men?
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#ThePerfectMother campaign was unveiled to take a strong stand against the myth of a "perfect mother." In our new campaign titled launched on the occasion of International Mother’s Day 2023, Lighthouse Learning rejects the notion that there is a "right" way to be a mother. As part of this unique campaign, we conducted social experiments employing various well-established and a diverse array of metrics like Vox Pop, group discussions with parents, including a comprehensive survey of the vast expanse of the internet, and engagement with influencers and the larger internet community to find the definition of the ‘perfect mother’.
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Inspired by true conversations, Lady Gabbar is back - this time to shed light on what inspires teachers to be the kind and selfless part of our society. We dive deeper to try & understand why they constantly keep helping and nurturing their students, even at times when their students might not necessarily value the sacrifices that they make.
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Lighthouse Learning cherishes the belief that within each child resides a unique world of creativity and curiosity. Embracing the child-first ideology, we recognize that children are not vessels to be filled with knowledge but the torchbearers illuminating the path of discovery. Their unbounded imagination is a guiding light towards new horizons, where innovation flourishes and empathy thrives.
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In today's dynamic educational landscape, leadership excellence is not just about traditional management skills; it's about transcending boundaries, embracing digital advancements, and fostering inclusive learning environments.
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